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Asia Pasific Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development 2010

The UN-HABITAT Country Programme

The UN-HABITAT Country Programme Document of Indonesia outlines the main objective and priorities of UN-HABITAT in the country. In collaboration with the Government of Indonesia and other United Nations Agencies, the overall aim of this UN-HABITAT Country Programme Document is to promote the Habitat Agenda. UN-HABITAT plays an active role in urban sector policies and pro-poor program development. Through collaborations with key partners – Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Housing, National Planning Agency (Bappenas), Ministry of Home Affairs, and Ministry of the Environment, UN-HABITAT has assisted the development of low-income housing support facility, good urban governance, sustainable urban development network, and the national habitat platform, namely National Habitat Secretariat (NHS).

As the result of seven key sector analysis – urban governance, land and housing, shelter and basic services, urban planning and management, housing/urban development and the environment vulnerability reduction and capacity development, the Indonesia’s Country Programme Document provides an overview of the national policy context and the areas of intervention by the government in addressing urban development challenges.

The multilateral programming instruments presented in Indonesia’s UN-HABITAT Country Programme Document are the Government of Indonesia’s Long-term Development Plan and Mid-term Development Plan, Indonesia’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper, and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework. Besides the existing programming instruments, UN-Habitat Programme Manager of Indonesia also employed one on one consultations and mini-workshops to find the urban sector development goals and priorities.. . more detail




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